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AirLink 4G Solar Camera
AirLink Tuya Camera
street light camera
AirLink ASP38R/ 39R
4G TrackEye Camera
ASP36-37 Solar Speaker LTE Camera
4G LTE Broadcast DomeSpeaker
 Kamera Chipset MStar  
5G IP camera
5G IP camera.JPG

MStar Bullet 5G 12MP

Zoom * 3

 AI Human Recognition & Detection


ASP-30R 4G zoom 20.JPG

MStar Speed Dome 5G 5.0MP/8.0MP

PTZ Zoom*20 + Digital Zoom *10

IR Distance 150M

5G IP camera.JPG

MStar Bullet 5G 8.0 MP

Zoom * 4

 AI Human Recognition & Detection


5G IP camera.JPG

MStar Bullet 5G 5.0 MP

Zoom * 4

 AI Human Recognition & Detection


 Kamera Chipset MStar  
Mstar Chipset
Thermal Imaging IP CameraASP-31.JPG

Multi-sensor Thermal / Visible Camera
Zoom * 33 + Digtal Zoom *16


 Kamera Chipset MStar  



MStar 5.0MP/8.0MP/12.0MP

PTZ Zoom*5 

4G/WiFi /Wired/PoE

Mstar Zoom 20 AS202.PNG

MStar 5.0MP/8.0MP

PTZ Zoom*20 + Digital Zoom *10

4G/WiFi /Wired/PoE

ASP-30R 4G zoom 20.JPG

MStar 5.0MP/8.0MP

PTZ Zoom*20 + Digital Zoom *10

4G/WiFi /Wired/PoE IR Distance 150M


MStar Bullet 5.0MP/8.0MP/12MP

AI Human Recognition & Detection

4G/WiFi /Wired/PoE

AS-20 Dual Lens Dual Wifi.png

MStar 5.0MP/8.0/12.0 MP

PTZ Zoom*30 + Digital Zoom *10

4G/WiFi /Wired/PoE


MStar 5.0/8.0/12.0 MP

Car Parking License Plate Recognition

Zoom *4


Airlink ASP208RZ bullet camera.png

MStar Bullet 5.0MP/8.0MP

AI Human Recognition & Detection

4G/WiFi /Wired/PoE


36CH NVR,H.265
Video Input:36ch*4k, 25ch*12MP
HDD Slot:2 *SATA(Max:8T)

bullet 8.0 MP Zoom *4 Mstar .png
bullet 8.0 MP Zoom *4 Mstar .png

MStar 5.0/ 8.0 /12.0MP

Bullet Lens 2.8-12mm Auto focus lens Zoom  Wired/PoE

AirLink's 4G security surveillance system incorporates the WireGuard VPN protocol as one of its available VPN protocols (OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/WireGuard), providing significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: By utilizing WireGuard, the system ensures a high level of security for remote access and data transmission. WireGuard employs state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols and encryption algorithms, such as Curve25519 and ChaCha20, to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

  2. Efficient Performance: WireGuard's lightweight design and optimized codebase contribute to faster connection speeds and efficient data transmission. This enables real-time monitoring and enhances the overall performance of the security surveillance system.

  3. Simplified Setup and Management: WireGuard's simplicity makes it easy to set up and manage VPN connections within AirLink's system. Its streamlined configuration and user-friendly interface facilitate straightforward integration with the surveillance infrastructure, reducing complexity and saving time for organizations and businesses.

  4. Seamless Integration with IoT: As AirLink's security surveillance system leverages the Internet of Things (IoT), WireGuard's compatibility with IoT devices and platforms ensures smooth integration. WireGuard enables secure and reliable communication between the IoT devices and the central monitoring system, enhancing visibility and control over assets and incident response.

  5. Flexibility and Scalability: WireGuard's scalability allows for easy expansion and integration of additional surveillance devices. With support for a large number of simultaneous connections, WireGuard enables organizations and businesses to scale their security surveillance systems efficiently.

    By incorporating WireGuard as one of its supported VPN protocols, AirLink's 4G security surveillance system enhances its security, performance, and flexibility. The utilization of WireGuard ensures secure remote access, protects sensitive data, and enables efficient monitoring and incident response, making it an excellent choice for organizations and businesses seeking advanced surveillance capabilities.



  1. Privacy Mask

  2. Intelligent Detection: Human, Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle

  3. Trigger Audio/Customized MP3 Alarms

  4. RTMP Protocol for Live Streaming

  5. Motion Detection

  6. Free CMS with 64 Channels

  7. 4G VPN Protocol (OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/WireGuard) built-in mechanisms seamlessly handle network changes, ensuring a stable VPN connection even when switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data networks.

airlink CMS.JPG
4G camera wireguard vpn.jpg


1.How To Setup WireGuard VPN Client? Link

2.How To Use Synology NAS Setup WireGuard Server And Manage It Through Docker? Refer to this Link 

 Paket Surya Luar Ruangan


solar pack
solar 40W 20ah.png
solar 60W 40AH.PNG
solar 120W 60ah.png
solar 200W100ah.png
dual solar panel 40W intergrated with 40AH battery.JPG
solar system 60W Battery 11.1V27AH .jpg
Mini DC & USB UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
 Paket Surya Luar Ruangan


DC UPS-12V-5A.png
mini dc 24V12V5V-44800mah.PNG
DC UPS 5V2A-6500.PNG
mini dc 24V12V5V.png
smart UPS5-9-12.PNG
Outdoor 4G IP Cam
 LTE  (4G) / Kamera 3G   


solar camera.png
ASP-A08 4G zoom _40 .PNG
ASP69 AirLink 4G Zoom x 22 Speed Dome Ca
4G ASP82-zoom *30.PNG
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